Sunday, 28 October 2012

Vintage joy...

Browsing my favourite blogs has taken the place of reading the Sunday supplement. I always used to look forward to something colourful and glossy amidst the inky newsprint. Now, in this digital age I don't even have to brave the cold to collect the paper. I simply pop the kettle on, make myself comfy (in PJ's and fleecy robe of course), fire up the laptop and away we go!

So what did I find this morning? A fabulous post from one of my favourite blogs: Vintage Living. A gorgeous guide to vintage delights available from Etsy. Here are my favourites.

I'm not normally one for girly and frothy but...

 And these stylish beauties couldn't help but catch my eye

Now, if I could just fit into that dress I could be sat at one of those chairs sipping a violet martini. Bliss!

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