Thursday, 11 October 2012

May the felt be with you...

As autumn sets in properly, early morning frost appears and the living room temperature takes a decidedly sharp dip from ambient to nippy, it suddenly now seems appropriate to start making Christmas decorations again.

I know all of us makers and sellers are supposed to plan ahead to make sure we are ready to market all of our products and get ahead of the game as the seasons change, but there's something fundamentally wrong with wishing your life away and doing things that feel so much out of season.

Only when the chill is in the air and the cardigans resurface does it feel right to start thinking about the festive season. And so, out comes the ever growing bag of felt and ribbons and all things Christmassy.

I've been making some lovely little hearts for tree or garland style decorations in a rich cream with ribbon detail featuring little reindeer and snowflakes. I just love the Nordic vibe.

Look out for the pics coming soon...

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