Sunday, 21 October 2012

Christmas CRAFTfest is just around the corner...

Walking through town the other day, I noticed that the Christmas trees and decorations are now out on display. Funny the affect this has on me - I somehow now feel justified in playing with felt and knitting little red and white stockings.

And with Christmas looming ever larger, it's time to get into gear again for the mega CRAFTfest event:

Yes CRAFTfest is here again, bigger and better than ever! There's still time to book a stall so why not dive in and have a go. For £5.00 per stall per category you can be part of our virtual market place, join in our fantastic crafting community, meet new friends online and learn loads of really useful stuff about promoting and selling online.

I'll be around as a team leader again this time, so if you sign up for a stall you might just be part of my purple group. We all help and support each other throughout the event and work together to promote all of our fabulous stalls. It really is a brilliant event and we all have such fun, and the odd sale too if we're lucky!

So what are you waiting for? Get on board and grab a stall!

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