Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Contemporary with a hint of art deco...

Well I'm just about over the trauma of Sunday's Wimbledon final. A valiant effort from Andy Murray and a genuinely touching speech. Maybe next time...

I swear if I get one more automated PPI phonecall I'll scream. Don't they realise I'm lying on the floor cutting fabric so I have to scramble to make it to the phone in time, just to hear " (silence)...Did you know Natwest, Barclays and..."


This wouldn't be a problem if I had a cordless phone. But I'd much rather keep my lovely vintage bakelite beauty instead.

Anyway, rant for the day over. Here's what I've been making.

It's a beautiful heavy linen fabric from Romo called "Rubani" - a contemporary floral with definite references to art deco styling, one of my favourite interior design periods. These would look gorgeous in a neutral toned living room to add touches of accent colour and a little warmth. Available now from Wow Thank You - you'll find them here

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