Thursday, 29 November 2012

Make do and empty those cupboards...

It's amazing what you can make with the scraps left in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I'm in the process of the big pre-Christmas clear out and things are reaching a critical point! But you know, I do love a culinary challenge and I find the using up of every scrap of food quite rewarding in a curiously self-righteous way.

According to my long suffering partner "There is absolutely nothing to eat in this house". I beg to differ. Since he made this declaration on Sunday morning, so far, with a little culinary license, I have made:
  • Lasagne (using marmite to flavour the sauce as I had no cheese - it works a treat)
  • Fresh bread
  • Sun dried tomato and parmesan scones (using up the parmesan rinds that I never throw away)
  • Iced finger buns
  • Tomato soup 

  • Butternut squash and walnut risotto (using pudding rice - which gives a similar but softer texture to Arborio rice)

  • Thai green curry with aubergine, broad beans and peas (the only vegetables left. I'm now extremely twitchy)
  • Fresh naan bread (much easier than you think)

However, now that the tea bags and milk have run out I have to admit defeat. There are some things that you just can't live without and tea is one of them. So, off to the shops I go...


  1. Wow good work :) I must try some naan breads! Well done Gill x

  2. Thank you - if you're ever stuck for ideas, post your cupboard contents on here and I'll get my thinking cap on pronto!