Thursday, 16 May 2013

Get fit with flyers!

We're all struggling with sales at the moment, and I think it's time for some aggressive marketing. Craft fairs just don't seem to work for interiors up here in the North East. If it isn't food or jewellery, it just doesn't sell. So, I'm going to get my walking boots on and pound the streets with some direct advertising.

Quite pleased with my little flyers I've pulled together this week

Let's just see what they look like in the flesh, so to speak. I'm just hoping I get some decent weather. I don't fancy wandering in the wind and driving rain we've been having lately. I'm sure it's supposed to be Spring, isn't it? Anyway, anything that gets me up and about and out in the fresh air has to be good. Far too much time spent attached to my laptop these days, which I'm sure is why I've had so many bugs lately.

So watch out North East - I'm on a mission. I'll be visiting your letterboxes very soon...

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