Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring CRAFTfest closes...and back to work I go

Another week over and another CRAFTfest draws to a close. It's been another brilliant week with festers pooling resources to promote each other in all manner of social networking ways to make our event successful. Over the course of the week we had 3,899 brand new visitors viewing 31,315 pages of fantastic handcrafted goods by our stall holders. As always it's been hard work but a great buzz and most definitely worth it. Read more about CRAFTfest here

So back to the real world for while. What am I up to this week? I've been working on an order for a customer in the US who I have a sneaking suspicion is a bit of a fabric addict. She has provided me with some stunning prints to work with and I've loved working on this order for her as she's given me pretty much free rein to design and make pieces for her that compliment the fabric choices. I particularly love the rucksacks I've been making. Here's one hanging around waiting for the eyelets to finish the drawstring closure.

So well named this fabric "Happy Valley" with its cheerful colouyrway of greens and pinks and scenic print with nods to toile and willow pattern. I'll be finishing these off this week along with a throw, tote bags, cushions and some purses made with lovely vintage brass frames. Phew, such a lot to do!

If you would like to have something special made with your favourite fabric email with the details.

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