Thursday, 25 August 2011

WowThankYou - my latest venture

I'm seriously in danger of becoming a cybernerd if I'm not careful. I've been tweeting away to build up some networking and publicity and I can see how easy it must be to fall into the trap of sleepless nights whiling away the hours obsessively scanning snippets of info.

Gibside Market was a lovely day out last weekend but slow going on the sales front. Still, you don't know until you try so I'll keep plodding on.

Well what's been happening at Personal Space Interiors you ask? I'm just finishing off an assignment for my Diploma in Professional Interior Design today. Colour Theory - all very fascinating in a chemistry / physics / psychology kind of way. I've uploaded my new Toile de Jouy bedroom range to the website - see pic. And I'm about to open a new shop on the fabulous WowThankYou as recommended by lovely Ceri from Oakwood Soaperie (check out her shop on WowThank You - gorgeous goodies).

Happy crafting everyone! xx

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